How to Prevent Shampooing Your Toilet With a Toto Washcloth


How to Prevent Shampooing Your Toilet With a Toto Washcloth

When you’re ready to use the footwork of your choice, there are some important rules to follow. Using the footwork can signify many different things to many different people. Don’t let that make you use it irresponsibly. The following may help you decide which footwork is right for you.

Always Be Correct: Never say something like “I can’t take toto washlet to the bathroom” or “my toto washlet won’t fit in the sink.” When using words like these, you’ll only be correcting the person who says it, not yourself. If you have to, use the bidet-inclined version of the word: I can’t take toto washlet to the bathroom, but a bidet will fit in the sink.

Say it plainly: Do not use slang (or informal) terms to describe the body parts you’re describing. It can be tempting to slip in a few adverbs, like “bigger,” “longer,” and “thinner,” but this is one of the easiest ways to sound like a pedantic hack. If you have to describe something with more than one word, explain it in as much clear and simple language as possible. “My toto washlet is about three inches long, but sometimes it’s a little longer or a little shorter.” Never infer that something’s bigger or smaller just because you’ve used a word that’s in between the two.

Don’t Hint at the Bathroom: Sometimes it’s tempting to talk about the size of your toto with someone who’s standing next to you, especially if you’re talking about a wash basin or a bidet. However, don’t do this. You never want to accidentally say, “Wow, it’s really big,” or “I can’t believe how big it is.” Nobody wants to be talked into buying a wash basin that’s not big enough to use on their own toilet. If you’re unsure what kind of toto you should get, then go home and get a measuring tape so that you can compare sizes of various toto washlets.

Never Get Mad at Your Toilet Paper: A common pee-printer’s worst nightmare is waking up to a soaked bathroom floor, only to realize that she’s been spending all night trying to flush the toilet! Unfortunately, if your toto has become too wet, it’s hard to get it clean without using the toilet paper. This can lead to embarrassing situations, including having to use the washroom in shorts, under your clothes, or worse yet, when no one else is home and you have to do it in front of everyone. The best thing to do is use a toilet paper that has an insert that you can use to keep the toilet paper from soaking. There are even ones that you can tie around the base of the toilet so it doesn’t dry on the floor. These toilet paper holders are very handy to have in case the toilet gets too wet.

Never Get Stuck Between the Toilet Paper: Sometimes when you’re flushing the toilet, you’ll hit something that’s either on the surface of the toilet, or the bottom. This can be embarrassing for both you and anyone else who happens to be in the vicinity. To prevent this problem, invest in a good spray wand for your toto washlet. When you spray the wand, you can usually prevent whatever’s on the toilet paper from sinking to the bottom. This will allow you to continue using the washer and not have to worry about cleaning between the toto and the toilet.