TOTO Toilets – Convenient And Eco Friendly Toilets

A Japanese-owned company established more than a century ago, Toto has grown to become one of the world’s leading toilet brand names. TOTO Ltd., styled as TOTO, is today the world’s largest bathroom brand. It was founded in 1917, and today is known for producing the Washlet and other derivative items. The company now has production facilities in nine countries across the globe.


There are many reasons why TOTO sets out to manufacture toilet paper and toilet seat covers. The first is to increase the comfort level of the bathroom. In today’s busy lifestyle, many Japanese people are stuck in the bathroom for long periods of time due to their lack of time to relax in relaxation rooms. This creates a situation whereby people need to defecate more often than they want to.

TOTO’s latest innovation – the washlet – has revolutionized the way people can go about their business while in the bathroom. The wavelet functions like a traditional washboard, except it is attached to the toilet, with a heated seat on top. With the help of electronic bidet technology, users can experience the benefits of a traditional washboard without the inconvenience and hassles. The washlet provides users with the option to wash their hands while sitting down, just like doing so in a conventional bathroom.

TOTO also manufactures several varieties of toilet bowls and seat covers. These include traditional toilets, which are available in both raised and flat styles, as well as modern, minimalist toilets, which feature flushable toilets. Another highlight of this brand is their smart line of semi-custom or fully-custom toilets, which are perfect for bathrooms that are shared by several members of the family. For example, if there are two children sharing a bathroom, TOTO will design a toilet bowl that has a seat that can be detached for easy cleaning.

TOTO has also designed several unique and innovative products, such as the Electra-Flush Plus. The Electra-Flush Plus is a new toto toilet that is designed to save water consumption in homes. The innovative system uses a new high-tech water-saving technology called the Electra-Flush Valve, which is also responsible for the low flushing action. It also features a smart electronic seat that helps to conserve water and energy whenever the toilet bowl is flushed. As most of us know, when you are in a hurry to get to the bathroom, the last thing you want is to waste water because of your slow flushing toilet. The Electra-Flush Plus is able to minimize the amount of water waste from each flush, which means you will be able to save more water, thus helping your household to save money.

The new Japonica toto toilets from TOTO have also been developed to feature the same advanced technology used in the Electra-Flush Plus, which helps to minimize the amount of water wasted during each flush. With the help of the exclusive “SSS Gold” technology, the Japonica toilet seat glows with style. You will also be able to find the same styling that you would find in the original Japonica toilet seat. With all these innovations, TOTO is certainly on its way to changing the way we think about toto toilets.