Toto is a Japanese company that is one of the biggest manufacturers of bathroom accessories. It is known for creating the Washlets and other derivative items. The company originated in 1917 and now is centered in Kitakyushu, Japan. It has many manufacturing facilities in nine different countries worldwide. Some of the most popular Toto toilet accessories are the Washlet, Washlets, Toilets, Toiletry bags, and toilet seat covers.


The Toto Company started out making simple Japanese toilet seats. Later they expanded to add a wide range of toilet accessories. In the past few years, they have broadened their focus to include everything from faucets to tissue holders and toilet bowl covers. Their line of toilet bowl covers has expanded to include a wide selection of colors and textures. They also offer an extensive selection of hand painted ceramic, porcelain, glass, wood, fiberglass and chrome toilet bowl covers.

The Toto Company began making toilet accessories in the early nineteen eighties, following up on a Japanese toilet seat called Toilet-Seat. The Toilet-Seat was a hit and inspired Toto to make a line of products to complement its already wide array of toilet accessories. The resulting product line is considered to be some of the best on the market today. All of their toilet accessories have a strong environmental impact.

One thing that Toto does differently than all its competitors is to use only one flushing system for their toilets. When it was first introduced, it was called the Washlet Flushing System. Eventually they added the Towel-FLushing System to their product line. The Washlet flushing system uses special nozzles that pull the water up from the toilet and push it down into the bowl. By using two flushing systems, Toto is able to reduce the amount of water that is wasted in the process and helps to save water and energy.

Towels are always important bathroom accessories, but when you have a small bathroom like most homes, you want to use as little plastic as possible. The Toto toilet accessories that they offer have a plastic liner that goes over most toilet papers to prevent them from being ruined. Another cool idea is that they also offer a seat that will convert a regular seat into a Toilet Seat with the simple addition of a rubber seal. The seat also has a built in holder to hold the toilet paper.

As you can see there are quite a few accessories available for the Toto Japanese Toilet. However, there are certain things that they tend to leave out. If you are in the market for a Japanese toilet seat or any other kind of toilet accessories, you should definitely check out Toto. Their products really do stand up to the test.