What is Toto? Is it the Same As Towel-stroking?


What is Toto? Is it the Same As Towel-stroking?

To give the wrong impression about the size of the organ, TOTO means: [ˈtoˈtou/to] is an English word for vagina. Meaning: [ɝ] – is usually used to describe the clitoris in books, magazines, movies and in person. The TOTO (which means [ˈto] : to break) can also be described as the internal counterpart of the clitoris and which breaks when stimulated. The TOTO can be further broken down into two types. The internal TOTO is shorter and has no external hooks or ridges that can be compared to a regular clitoral orgasm, while the external TOTO has a pointy, straight head like a regular clitoral orgasm.

So, who is TOTO? In the second decade of the 20th century, TOTO was known to be an alternative form of the clitoral orgasm, as the internal one had already been described in the earlier texts. Though TOTO did not gain much popularity in the world of literature or cinema, it did find usage in the dictionaries. The Oxford English Dictionary and the Century Dictionary defined TOTO as “a short, rough, fleshy organ in females, the whole excrescence connected with it being enclosed in skin.” In subsequent books, the meaning of TOTO was refined and it began to mean the female version of the penis, not the clitoris.

In the popular movie, Tomb Raider, the heroine (Tanya Roberts) is seeing gripping her lover’s (background character) clitoris in an act of passionate love. This act leads to confusion and Toto is seen flapping his arms trying to push the head of the clitoris out of its hiding place inside the woman’s vagina. In popular culture, toto appears in a number of popular animations and comic books. For example, one Japanese cartoon shows a bunch of toto birds flying around after a young woman has just had sex. In one episode of the animated sitcom Kung Fu Panda, a toto (Kung Fu Panda’s furry friend) tries to help an embarrassed female lead by pecking her but then he soon learns that his “kung fu” tactics are not working as the female is able to throw him off guard and subsequently sod him.

From this, the toto lexicon was expanded into other forms of flirting that involved the act of stroking and thrusting with the fingers and with the tongue. These were used to describe various sexual positions and activities. In Western society, the toto lexicon has only slightly deviated from the original meaning. Instead of referring to a person’s genitals, the term toto is now used to indicate any form of motion or activity with the clitoris and labia. Thus, instead of “touching her clitoris,” a woman would say something like “I’m rubbing my clitoris.”

Towel-stroking is a common form of stimulation that many people engage in while they are masturbating. This is where a towel is placed on top of the penis while it is erect and then wrapped around the scrotum and then the penis. With a little pressure, the towel is withdrawn and the man’s penis starts to rub against the moistness of the towel. Sometimes the woman will ask the man to wrap his hands around her and then to perform fellatio on her; however, this is more about comfort and familiarity than anything else.

Other than masturbation, toto can be used during other intimate encounters. In fact, many Japanese men would often use toto as a way to introduce a little bit of rough sex into their sexual relationship. To them, toto means to penetrate or to touch in a rough manner. A man can touch his partner with the tote until she moans for more. Then he may tighten his grip and continue the rubbing until she is ready to take her first few inches inside.