TOTO Toilet Seat Covers – The Right Choice for Your Home

TOTO ( Tokyo Toile) is the leading toilet brand in Japan. It is known for producing the Washlet, and other derivative products. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan,and has production facilities in nine other countries worldwide. The company’s sales in the United States and Canada represent less than a percentage of its total sales in Japan.


TOTO’s most popular products are the Washlet, heated seats and the heated toilet seat. The Washlet has been used by millions of people in over 90 countries worldwide and is made of polypropylene. It has a universal fit, which means that it will fit in any toilet or washroom. It is made of high-density foam, which makes it flexible while maintaining its shape. There are washlets for both men and women. Most people prefer a TOTO heated toilet seat, which is made from plastic similar to Sealing Coating, with an integrated heating element.

One of the most popular TOTO toilet accessories is its heated seat and air deodorizer. The seat has a universal height toilet adaptor, which means that it will fit on any standard toilet without the need for the use of a special adapter. The seat has a thermostat that controls the heat, temperature and odor of the air deodorizer, which makes it a very useful accessory. The air deodorizer also has a temperature setting dial, making it easier to maintain the cleanliness of the room.

Another TOTO toilet bowl accessory is their universal rear warm water warmer. This TOTO product is designed to fit perfectly on the rear of the toilet bowl. This ensures that there is enough room for the person when they are using the toilet bowl and helps the bathroom stay warm during use. This TOTO product comes with a remote control, making it easier to use and convenient to carry. The heated seat and air deodorizer are also very useful and can be used as a backup to the seat warmers.

For those who have children, a TOTO toilet seat cover would be an excellent option. The specially designed slipcover allows parents to easily clean up after the child uses the toilet. The slipcover is made from slip resistant plastic material that is durable and attractive. It also has an adjustable and padded shoulder strap and a hook to attach it to the seat. The slipcover has five-way interlocking hinges for easy attachment to the seat.

The TOTO brand also offers other toilet and bathroom accessories such as Toto Oven, TOTO digital LED thermometers and specialty items such as Toto Mira Shades, TOTO Refrigerator, TOTO Dishwasher and TOTO Porcelain Flooring. These products were designed to meet the needs of the discriminating customer and they are also great value for money. They can be purchased at a price range suitable for most consumers. They are environmentally friendly and provide the convenience of flushing away water when the power is turned off. The unique elongated design makes them ideal for home, office and hospitality environments.