Choosing From The Best To Toilet Seats And Bidets

Toto is among the leading international brands and manufacturers of bathroom products and accessories. Established in 1917, Toto boasts of more than 120 years of expertise in manufacturing and designing high-end restrooms and bathroom products. In recent years, Toto was responsible for the design and manufacture of the Washlet, a toilet seat which comes with bidet-style flushable water jets, a heated toilet, and built-in drying devices so you no longer have to do away with wet toilet paper at home if you prefer to do away with such luxury. If you want a traditional Japanese look and feel in your bathroom, Toto offers various designs that can perfectly blend in with traditional Japanese motifs.


Toilet Taps are Toto’s most popular product line. Washlets come in a variety of colors and styles. Most of them are equipped with a dual bidet feature where you can wash your hands while you sit on the toilet. With the help of a special nozzle provided by the company, you can also wash your hair and use a facial scrubber while you are sitting on the washlet.

Toilet Seat With Bidet: Toto’s Washlets and Toilet Seat collections are best toto toilet seats around the world. If you want to make the best choice when choosing toto toilet seats and other toilet fixtures and accessories, you should consider purchasing one from their wide range of products. For one, there are small tots that can fit perfectly in regular tots and regular bathroom frames. In addition to that, such compact designs are more affordable and easy to maintain. Furthermore, you can also choose from their portfolio of hundreds of designs, including conventional designs, hi-tech designs, art deco designs, retro designs, Victorian designs, Art Nouveau designs, etc.

Ultramax II Washlet: If you want to have the best toto toilet seat and other bidet fixture, the Ultramax II is the right choice for you. The Ultramax II is more durable than its predecessors. Moreover, the wash channels are wider, which enables you to wash the tote completely even if you do not sit on it for a long time. You can flush both the waste water and the liquid soap out of the wash channels, and the outlet channels do not get clogged easily either. The Ultramax II has two flushing options – self flushing and timed flushing.

Ultramax Bid Flush Cup: With a wide range of Bid Flush Cups to choose from, you will find the perfect cup for your needs. The Ultramax Bid Flush Cup features an elongated bowl, perfect for your own personal bathroom. The bidet also features a slim design, which makes it easier to wipe the area below the toilet. Furthermore, the Ultramax Bid Flush Cup is water resistant and can withstand up to 400 degrees F. It is also capable of working on almost any surface, including metal, wood and ceramics.

Toilet seats and bidets with an elongated bowl are the best toto toilet choices available in the market today. These seats have been specially designed to accommodate the users. They allow the users to sit down on them and relax while they are flushing. Thus, this can be considered the ultimate combination, where you can have the best of both worlds – comfort and hygiene.