Toilet Seats Reviewed

Everywhere I have gone in Japan, I have marveled at these Japanese toilet seats. It is truly amazing how far technology has come in this country. In this country of ours, we have traditional Japanese Toilets where the individual sits on the seat and uses the porcelain water reservoir to flush away the contents of one’s toilet bowl. The Japanese toilet seat is now available in the Western world in the form of the “washlet”. The western washlets are also called “shakotan” or “bath mats”.

For those who are unaware, the “NAGA NAGA”, or the National Association for Self Flushing A Toilet Seat, is the governing body that set the standard of performance for the washlets in Japan. These washlets, which can be purchased in different colors and sizes, are not only practical but very comfortable to sit on. If one were to compare theNAGA standard to the United States legislation today, the similarities would be striking. The standard adopted by the association translates to “the best toto toilet to flushing”.

In the case of this toto, there is a button on the seat that when clicked, initiates the flushing of the contents of the toilet bowl. When the water starts to flow, it makes a white noise that resembles the sound of a running stream. The toto was used in conjunction with another type of washlets called the “shotokan” that had a built in water dispenser and a paper holder. The Japanese use to sit on both types of toilets and the theory was that in case one did not flush properly, the contents of the toilet would remain and accumulate and cause an accident of some sort.

Today, you will find many manufacturers that produce the best toto toilet seats. The problem faced by most of these companies is the cost of manufacturing in foreign countries. This leads to inferior quality that will not be of much value to the end user. The standard of foreign manufacturing has improved drastically and the product produced is of much higher quality than ever before. As the companies compete to produce the best toto toilet seats, prices have fallen to where they are now within the reach of most households.

Many of the new types of seats come with a self-cleaning feature. In the case of the dual flush toto toilets, the seat will self-clean automatically after each flush. In the case of traditional toilets, when the seat was emptied, there was need to manually flushing to relieve the accumulated solid waste. Not only does this save time, but there is also no need to clean up the bottom of the toilet.

When it comes to choosing the best toilet seat for your needs, you will want to consider comfort, price, and features. The last factor, ease of installation, will make the largest impact on your purchase. In general, if you install the toto yourself, you will save hundreds of dollars over purchasing the seat from a major store or manufacturer. You can also expect to find many customer reviews online to help you decide which models and brands are best suited to your toilet needs.