Toilet Tops by Toshiba


Toilet Tops by Toshiba

TOTO ( Tokyo Based) is a Japanese corporation known for its toilet products. The company is known as TOTO Limited and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is a part of the Koto group of companies. The company produces a variety of products with the name “TO TOHO” (English to Toilet, pronounced to Tooh-toh)

With the introduction of new toilet models by TOTO, the market share of this company has been on the rise over the years. Their new toilet models include new floor-to-ceiling integrated bathroom seats. These new toilets are equipped with their unique self-cleaning systems which work in conjunction with their newly introduced dual washable technology. The best toto toilet seat currently available is their Involuntary Maintenance Cleaning System. This system features an electronic rotating device which forces the user to wipe up all the waste before it seeps into the fiber material of the seat’s cover.

The company’s best toto toilet seat, the Ultramax ii, offers an extraordinary combination of superior performance and style. The Ultramax ii has a self flushing mechanism for the first time. The Ultramax ii is also a pioneer in the use of non disposable liners. Though it has similar flushing features to its competitors, the Ultramax ii boasts of a ten year warranty against loosening and warping of the liners.

The company also offers an array of conventional range to the consumer. The Toto Cruise II, for example, has a standard height of only fifty-two centimeters, but offers a maximum height of sixty-two centimeters. The Cruise II is a luxurious toilet that comes with two separate seats, one for the male and one for the female. This toilet bowl has a volume of five liters and can flush easily, even at a normal speed.

Other models by Toto include the Toilet Seatar 10 liter/four seat toilet bowl, the Toilet Seatarlite 10 liter/four seat toilet bowl and the Ultramax II. The Toilet Seatar offers a flushing capability of five liters and a longer than usual lifetime warranty against warping, looseness, bubbling or wearing. The Toilet Seatarat is a relatively modern toilet bowl that has a standard height, but offers a longer than usual lifetime warranty against warping.

The Ultramax II is a new model and is one of the taller models in the range. It offers a standard height of fifteen inches and offers an adjustable ergonomic handle. This toilet bowl’s height can be adjusted from fifteen to eighteen inches. This toilet seat has a volume of two liters and the lid is fixed to the rim. This toilet bowl’s low profile reduces the amount of bending required to clean the bowl.