Toontail Shoes – More Than Just Shoes

The very name Toontail will give any first-time listener a very easy description of what the band does: it is loud, fast paced, and an absolute blast to listen to. Toontail has only released one album, called Tapes, which came out in April of 1985. Their other albums have been more towards the mainstream, but not by much. Tapes was an essential part of the band’s history, though, because it is the album where they were able to let loose their true sound, which was much more diverse than on previous albums.


Toontail was formed by four guys who happened to live in the Pacific Northwest. They were John Pierse, Steve Lukather, David Paich and Joseph Williams. Although this is a band from Seattle, you would be hard pressed to say that these guys were “just like Seattle” because their sound is very much influenced by the Pacific Northwest. This is evident in their choice of song titles, which all have something to do with the area, such as “Pine Ridge on The Left” for Tapes or “Bumbershoot” for subsequent albums. On their first few albums, Toontail made use of synthesizers, but later on bass and drums were used.

Toontail is most well known for their hit single, “Don’t Take Me Alive.” This song is actually quite memorable, and had some interesting lyrics and instrumental. The title was taken from a poem by William Barnes, who wrote a book about his dog, named “Don’t Take Me Alive.” Toontail guitarist and singer, David Paich actually took the words from this book and put them into the music, thus creating one of the most recognizable songs in the history of pop, rock and roll. “Don’t Take Me Alive” was a huge hit for Toontail, and they went on to make several more Top Ten hits.

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