TOTO Toilet Options

Since its establishment, TOTO has invested a lot of time and money into improving their products. They have made considerable improvements to their design and functionality. In order to remain at the forefront of the fashion industry, they constantly change their product designs. In order to keep up with fast-changing trends, TOTO must expand their range of merchandise.


Many people are aware that TOTO had started out with the line of bath towels. These towels are still sold widely throughout the country and have won many awards. TOTO also developed and perfected the concept of ergonomic toiletry bags. These bags combine excellent quality with superior design, and are now used by many hotels worldwide as well as being bought by individuals who travel on business trips.

As a toiletry bag company, TOTO has also mastered the art of creating wonderful toilet seat cushions. The TOTO Procter & Gamble commissary series is designed especially for the commode user, and have won many awards, including prestigious acclaim from Health Week. This item is made from very high-quality leather and uses a strong zipper for additional security. The toilet seat cushion can be removed to reduce the need to carry extra luggage, making this an excellent item to have in your travel kit.

TOTO also makes excellent toilet paper products. Their Easy Flap Fold stool is designed to be used on any toilet or sink. The Easy Flap Fold is constructed of heavy-duty plastic to ensure its stability, as well as durable nylon straps to keep the stool secure on any toilet or sink seat. Each unit consists of two pieces: the footrest and the base. Because there is no need to pull out the seat in order to wipe the toilet paper, the TOTO Easy Flap Stool can be used by the child as well, meaning more safety for children using the bathroom.

TOTO’s Bestop Outlet line of toilet bowls and seats includes some interesting designs. They produce a variety of colorful, patterned, or printed to match a wide variety of bathroom decor and accessories. For example, the Toilet Bowl 3-piece set includes one white toilet bowl with one blue seat in a red and black stripe pattern, or a solid white toilet bowl with a red and black stripe that matches the red trim on the toilet seat and the toilet brush. The Toto Toilet Bowl Stand, designed to hold the standard toilet bowl, features an acrylic veneer finish for added durability.

The TOTO brand is well known for high quality and affordable toilet fixtures. If you are thinking about buying a new toilet for your house, you might want to consider purchasing one of their toilets. To make your everyday life easier, simply go online and check out the wide selection of TOTO toilets. With a TOTO toilet, you can be sure that your home will have the convenience and beauty that you desire.