Toilet Seats Guide

Toto is a Japanese company known mainly for its toilet products. It was established in 1917, and is today recognized for creating the Washlet and other derivative goods. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries. The majority of Toto’s business is derived in Europe, where it manufactures most of their washroom products under the name Toto. In recent years the United States have also begun to produce Toto toilet fixtures and other bathroom accessories.


When it comes to household toilet accessories, the Japanese are an innovator. Most of their products are considered “green” – meaning that they are designed to do their bit to save the environment. Toto is particularly proud of its green toiletry range, which it advertises using “no chlorine or fluorides”, and says is “designed to improve water conservation and reduce waste, while making the most of natural resources”.

One of the most popular items in the toto line is the washlet, which comes in many different colors, including traditional black, white and clear. The washlet itself is made out of 100% cotton, with a special double wall technology that Toto claims provides good water resistance and superior comfort. Most of the toilets in Japan are also accompanied by matching tissue holders. As well as the traditional colors, toto toilet seats can be found in a wide range of colors.

Another popular feature in the line is the “Shikibuton” or “Recliner toilet seat”. This is a special type of recliner which has a built-in “shaker” base and is shaped in a way that makes it sit flush with the toilet bowl. Because it sits flush, it takes up less room when it is not in use, allowing you to free up space in your bathroom for other things. The shikibuton is generally covered in vinyl, so it can be easily maintained. It can be washed by hand using any mild detergent, and then polished to make it look like new.

Toto has recently come out with another range of toilet seats – the heated seat. These heated toilet seats are especially useful for people who suffer from back pain or other problems which make it difficult to sit on a regular toilet seat. When you place a heated seat on the seat of the toilet, it quickly heats up to a precise temperature, which relaxes the muscles of the back and relieves the pain. They work particularly well in combination with the bidet, as the heated seat acts as a kind of bidet itself.

In recent years Toto has released an ultra low profile bidet, the Ultramax II. This is one of the best toto toilet seats that you can buy. As the name suggests, it has an ultra low profile which makes it extremely easy to wash and clean. The Ultramax II is made from aluminium, which is a strong, lightweight material which is also very durable and ideal for those who are concerned about hygiene. The Ultramax II has two settings – one for regular wash and one which is a low setting which flushes your bladder at a much higher rate than normal.