Toto – The Band From the World of Oz

Toto was a group from Los Angeles. Despite the name, the band didn’t make many records. It was given a new name, “In toto,” after the Wizard of Oz dog. The group’s debut album featured songs such as “Could This Be Love” and “Born in the U.S.” The band’s member Jeff Porcaro recorded the album in 1986, and was a part of the band by 1985.


In 1978, the group released a compilation album, Past to Present. It featured four new songs, including the song “Beat It.” A second album, titled XX, was released a few months later. This album paid homage to Toto’s influences, including Steely Dan and Bob Marley. The band’s members have been playing music together for more than 25 years, and they’ve had their share of high-profile gigs.

In the following year, Toto released their seventh studio album, Kingdom of Desire. This was Toto’s last album with former drummer Jeff Porcaro, who died during the recording process. The band was reunited in 2007, and it was the second time they split up. Although there was no official confirmation, fans believe that Toto’s third album, Turn Back, was a breakthrough for the band. It also marked the beginning of their new era, and their emergence as a successful band.

Another hit for the group was “Born in the U.S.,” which was the first solo album by Toto. The band went on a European tour to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The second album was “Hashpipe” – which was named after Toto’s number one single, “Africa”. Toto also performed a version of this song on their 1997 North American tour. It was a big hit, and the band has not been back together since.

Toto, the band is a popular group from the world of Oz. Its songs have become a staple in pop culture and have become an iconic icon. The band’s members included David Paich, Shem von Schroeck, and Richard Marx. The group has also toured the world. The group’s fourth album, Fahrenheit, was triple platinum certified. It is the first album of the group to feature three Billboard Hot 100 singles.

Toto has been involved with various musical genres for many years. Its members have collaborated with other artists, including Michael McDonald, Quincy Jones, and Eric Clapton. Its name comes from their collaborations with these bands. During this tour, Toto was joined by Neil Armstrong in the movie Inkheart. Toto is a great example of a pop group, but their music is also a great seller.

The band’s second album, Kingdom of Desire, is an anthem in the music industry. In the movie, Toto plays alongside Dorothy, who is the titular character. They appear together in the Systar System. The band also performed their songs “Don’t Chain My Heart” and “Don’t Forget About Me” on their tour, as well as other songs on the album. However, the album has many other hits, which are a testament to the band’s quality and versatility.