Toilet Accessories – TOTO Toilets

Toto is styled as TOTO, Inc. / Japan – is the leading toilet brand in the world. It was established in 1917 and is renowned for producing the Washlet and related products. The company now has production facilities in nine different countries across the globe. With these facilities, Toto has expanded its market share.


The company claims that the first ever single-piece toilet seat was invented by an American, Richard Chase. A flush from his back pocket, it revolutionized the industry, allowing users to flush toilets without needing to hand over the flushing mechanism. Though Toto never managed to get a patent for the innovation, they managed to introduce some innovations into the market, such as the ‘blade’ to help in the flushing of the toilet bowls. Although it did not come about in a big way, it is considered to be the basis for some of the best toto toilet seats in the market today. The latest product to come out from Toto is the Toilet Seat with Wall adapter, which allows the user to mount toilet seats on walls.

Toto also has a long history in the field of household appliances. Their long standing relationship with the Japanese Government is also reflected in the variety of products ranging from electrical toasters to hair dryers. They are also known to make kitchen utensils, such as blenders, juicers, toaster ovens and refrigerators. However, it is their association with the Japanese toilet that is their most famous, with their ever popular Washlet and Toilet Seat collections. Since the early 20th century, Toto has been making toilet accessories from beautiful wood and ceramic pieces.

The two most important Toto toilet seats are the Washlet seat with Wall adapter and the heated seat. While the Washlet seat with Wall adapter is a simple design, the heated seat by far is the most useful, particularly with today’s more environmentally conscious consumers. With the integrated bidet wand and heated seat, the Toto washlets can warm up to the user’s body temperature, making for a truly comfortable experience.

Another practical and stylish accessory is the Toto Propper. This handy device allows you to control the water pressure and spray width from anywhere in the house. It comes with an integrated remote control and an adjustable spray wand. These two features combine to make a truly versatile bathroom accessory. From there you can choose between a low or high water supply depending on your needs.

Some of the more exciting bathroom accessories to choose from, such as the Toto Thermo Foam Seat and Toto Propper, can be installed in any toto toilet. These two products, along with the Washlet and heated seats above, allow you to create the perfect luxurious bathroom that you have always wanted. By eliminating the guesswork out of cleaning your bathroom, it is now made more functional and aesthetically pleasing than ever. Whether you want a simple, clean look or something more dramatic, the wide variety of products from Toto should be able to satisfy your every need.