Blackjack Card Counter

Blackjack is an online casino gaming card game where players take turns performing random hand actions (such as betting, drawing, raising, lowering, etc). Unlike most casino gaming, blackjack rules are not fixed. The game can be adaptively changed to the circumstances and demands of the players depending on their skills, experience and mood.


The base of blackjack is a 52 card deck. Players start the game with a single card dealt to each player, called the blackjack card. The cards are concealed or hidden from the other players. These cards are converted or turned over face down in front of the players. In a blackjack table, the dealer will deal three or more cards to each player, depending on the number of players for that table.

A typical blackjack session involves betting, drawing, raising and lowering the blackjack cards. Betting refers to making wagers by placing a bet on one blackjack card. Drawing refers to drawing a card and thus bringing an end to the bet. Raising, on the other hand, refers to raising the bet above the starting stake. Lowering means getting rid of the bet and is the last resort made by the players before the dealer breaks the deal.

In a blackjack game, there are two types of betting that the players can engage in – side bets and main bets. Side bets are put by the player that he thinks has a higher chance of winning than the dealer. Main bets are the bets that the dealer will make against the side bets of the players.

In many casinos, card counters or counter punchers are the people who do the counting and betting. Counting is basically comparing the numbers on the blackjack card with the numbers on the hand and vice versa. This is usually done by looking at the hands that have Ace cards, King of the same suit as the card and Jack of the same suit as the card. If the ace cards are greater than the King of the suit or the Jack of the suit that contains the Ace card, then this would mean that the player has a stronger hand than his opponents and therefore this bet wins.

On the other hand, if the King of the suit or the Jack of the suit that contains the Ace card is greater than the Ace card of the player, then this means that the player has a weaker hand and this bet loses. These are some of the basic strategies that a blackjack card counter uses in his job. However, these are just some of the techniques that a professional player can do to increase his chances of winning. Aside from counting cards, these players also keep an eye on the casino’s general rules and don’t play under the influence of the dealer.